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All About 'Fenugreek' Hair Butter

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Our most popular Fenugreek Hair Butter is an amazing staple everyone should have close by. This phenomenon we call Fenugreek, is widely known for its health benefits inside and outside of the body. Derived from its native origins of Asia, Europe, and the Mediterranean's, it is sure to hold up to its promises on providing a multitude of benefits one's hair could only dream of. Fenugreek is known to contain powerful anti-fungal and anti- inflammatory properties. Fenugreek has also been shown to help combat hair loss, revives damaged hair follicles, fights against dandruff, and adds shine for a soft texture. This amazing hair butter is what we've all been waiting for.


Grape Seed Oil, Rosemary Oil, Castor Oil, Olive, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil

Essential Oil: Peppermint Oil

How to use

Shake Well. Apply directly to scalp and hair 3 to 4 times a week, and watch your hair grow, and stay healthy. Stay consistent for better results.


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