For generations hair oil has been used and known for its significant role in protecting the hair from regular day to day damage. As amazing as it is, we've decided to go a step further by incorporating a powerful ingredient that has been shown to stimulate and promote healthy hair growth for everyone. Our main and most powerful ingredient Fenugreek, it is known across the world for its health benefits and what it provides one all across the board. Our Fenugreek has been carefully selected, extracted, incorporated, and tested to ensure we give our hair exactly what it needs to thrive. Alongside our Fenugreek Hair Butter, your hair will have the protection and growth it truly needs.

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Hello!! My name is Khadijah and I am the proud
founder of Kays Scalp Therapy. I'm thrilled to share my passion for natural hair care with all of you. Let me take a moment to introduce myself and tell you the story behind our hair oil.

In October 2019, I made the decision to embrace my natural
hair journey and embarked on the beautiful adventure of loc'ing my hair. While it was an empowering and liberating experience, I soon realized that my locs required extra attention and care, especially when it came to combating dryness and promoting healthy growth.

Dissatisfied with all of the commercial products available, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Drawing in on my background in natural wellness and deep-rooted love for botanicals, I began experimenting with various ingredients, searching for the perfect blend that would address my specific hair needs. After much research, trial, and error, I finally formulated a nourishing and rejuvenating hair oil that my locs absolutely loved.

Not only did this hair oil bring back the luster and moisture to
my dry locs, but it also encouraged growth and overall scalp health. My friends and family, intrigued by the transformation of my hair, soon began requesting bottles of this magical elixir. Witnessing the positive results, they experienced filled me with joy and a sense of purpose.

With unwavering passion and a heart full of gratitude, I decided
to share my hair care secret with the world, and thus, Kays Scalp Therapy LLC was created. We are dedicated to providing you with the finest, handcrafted hair oil that will deeply nourish and revitalize your locs or any hair type, leaving you with healthier and more vibrant hair.

At Kays Scalp Therapy, we believe in the power of nature and
strive to use only the purest and most natural ingredients in our products. Each bottle is carefully crafted with love and attention to detail, ensuring that you receive the utmost care your hair deserves.

Join me on this transformative journey to love and embrace your hair in its most authentic form. Let's celebrate the beauty and diversity of natural hair together, one loc at a time!

Thank you for being a part of the Kays Scalp Therapy family.
Your love and support mean the world to me.

With love and gratitude, Khadijah

  • MAY 2020/JULY 2021

  • All KST Products promote growth, moisture, and healthy hair!!